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Companies are like vehicles: Some go from zero to 60 in impeccable time. Others rumble along, slow and steady. Some run out of gas. The difference between success and stalling out lies in the goals you set and in how hard you push toward the finish line.

The best drivers in the world know you can’t do that on your own. You need a crew that understands the nuances of your business and can identify opportunities for greater speed, increased agility and endurance over time.   

At Vander Baan Consulting, we bring that firepower to businesses of all sizes, and it starts with the woman who drives everything we do: Leslie Vander Baan.

For more than a decade, Leslie made a name for herself as a force within the automotive space. She founded subsidiaries within Fortune 750 companies and helped startups capture their own lightning in a bottle.

Today, as our founder, Leslie has charged Vander Baan Consulting with that very mission: to fuel powerful transformations among companies and their leaders.

We carry that vision out across multiple disciplines, from retooling business models to data planning and product fit. Our clients are at varying stages in their journeys, from concept to completion, and each engagement represents an opportunity to scale, with a challenge that begs to be solved.

We to be a force for change beyond the companies we work with. That’s why, behind the scenes, we earmark a portion of each project to help women entrepreneurs set their ambitions free. Doing great work for you helps us do great work for others, and the circle continues. It’s how we reinvent the wheel. It’s how we achieve impact, multiplied.

So, take a breath and think: Where do you want to go? We’re here to take you there.

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