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Vander Baan Consulting partners with clients to develop strategies that will have a measured impact on business performance and growth. We achieve success by helping the client actualize the companies strategic objectives. With a focus on taking new concepts to market as well as enhancing existing internal systems and procedures.
Vander Baan Consulting significantly enhances a company's ability to compete and increase profitability over time.
What We Do
Business Planning - Strategy to Implementation
Management Consulting & Counseling
Taking Start-Up ideas Forward - Planning, Capital Sourcing, Operations, Marketing & Sales
Business Development - Planning to Implementation
Special expertise in working with emerging and disruptive technologies
Innovation Partner - Developing customized processes to improve performance
Industry Coaching and Vendor Analysis - Building relationships that increase an organizations entrepreneurial maturity
Vander Baan Consulting partners with clients to plan for the future, improve business performance, enhance revenue and leverage data and technology.
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